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Counselling Services for Companies

Comprehensive support to companies and groups aiming to optimize their workplace dynamics and employee well-being. Our approach draws from the rich knowledge base of psychology and health sciences, ensuring practical and effective solutions for your organization's unique needs.

Employee Assistance Program

Employees' personal lives are strongly interlinked with their work. At Kus Counselling, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with a firm belief that investing in your employees' well-being is investing in the heart of your company's success. Our EAP takes a holistic approach, nurturing the mental and physical health of your team to ensure they not only overcome challenges but also thrive in every aspect of life.

Our comprehensive program includes confidential 1-on-1 counselling sessions, offering personalized support tailored to each employee's unique needs. These sessions go beyond acute and short-term issue resolution, also covering long-lasting treatment to address deeper concerns. Goal-oriented coaching and regular follow-ups ensure continuous progress and well-being.

Moreover, EAP encompasses a 'Company Training Program' specializing in customized workshops, seminars, and lectures, drawing from the realms of psychology, biology, and nutritional therapy to optimize performance.


Additionally, our offering features hypnotherapy for individuals. Our licensed clinical hypnotherapist utilizes Rapid Transformational Therapy®, integrating the most effective elements of psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis, and neuroscience. 

With our multifaceted approach, we empower your team to thrive both personally and professionally, all within an economically sound framework suitable for companies of all sizes.

Lectures & Workshops

With expertise in psychology counselling and a rich background in the corporate world, we specialize in crafting and delivering tailored result-oriented and highly engaging Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars that cater to the unique requirements of our clients.

These sessions are ideal for companies and groups seeking to elevate their performance by harnessing efficient strategies derived from the realms of psychology and health sciences. We draw upon the most refined techniques from these disciplines, along with insights from biology and nutritional therapy, to equip participants with practical tools they can immediately apply to enhance their performance.

While our trainings, rooted in Cognitive and Organizational Psychology, typically span a single day, we are dedicated to customizing their duration and content to perfectly align with your specific needs.

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