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Elevate your loved one's well-being with our Holistic Therapy Package, a unique blend of lifestyle optimization and targeted psychological support. We understand that genuine wellness involves nurturing both the body and mind concurrently. This package commences with an in-depth Lifestyle Optimization, laying the foundation for a personalized action plan aimed at achieving optimal physical well-being. Further, our expert psychological counselling or hypnotherapy sessions delve into thought patterns, emotions, and psychological challenges, fostering a holistic approach to wellness. With the Holistic Therapy Package, your loved one can embark on a transformative journey towards comprehensive health and well-being.
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Offer yourself the same package at a discounted price of 20% less.

    Holistic Package - 6h+

    CHF 550.00Price
    • → 3h Lifestyle Assessment
      → Detailed personalised report offering nutritional changes, dietary supplementation, and behavioural interventions
      → 2h psychological counselling or a 3h hypnotherapy session
      → Continuous Care: Quick weekly calls or chat sessions

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