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Present our 3-hour Hypnotherapy Session as a thoughtful gift for your loved one. By delving into the subconscious mind, where memories, emotions, and beliefs reside, this experience reveals hidden factors influencing thoughts and behaviors. The session serves a dual purpose: first, helping them explore how their past shapes their present reality by unraveling the root causes of thinking patterns and behaviors. Simultaneously, it empowers them to implement positive changes in various aspects of life by reprogramming subconscious beliefs.This versatile hypnotherapy session can aid your loved ones in achieving desired changes, whether related to mastering skills, public speaking, or improving sports and professional performance. As a lasting reminder, they'll receive a personalized audio recording, providing ongoing reinforcement of the insights gained during the session. Offer the gift of understanding and transformative change with this unique and insightful experience.
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Offer yourself the same package at a discounted price of 20% less.

Hypnotherapy Session - 3h

CHF 250.00Price
  • → 3h of hypnotherapy
    → a transformative audio recording - 20-30min

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