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Empower your loved one to feel great in their body with our 5-hour program, meticulously crafted by a seasoned psychology counselor and nutritionist. This comprehensive approach features an advanced nutrition assessment with clinically proven, personalized recommendations for effective weight management. Enhanced by dietary supplements and a targeted exercise routine, our program provides holistic support for physical well-being. Going beyond the physical, we seamlessly integrate psychology counseling and hypnotherapy sessions to reprogram beliefs, regulate emotions, and instill a positive mindset. It's the perfect foundation for sustained weight success and well-being.

Offer yourself the same package at a discounted price of 20% less.

Weight Management - 6h

CHF 550.00Price
  • → Dietary Assessment
    → Clinical Weight Loss Nutritional Recommendation
    → Personalized Exercise Program
    → Psychological Counselling (2h) or Hypnotherapy (3h)

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