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Counselling Services

Special Offers

Explore exclusive packages with our limited Special Offers. These tailored promotions go beyond the standard, providing you with limited-time wellness opportunities. Discover the elegance of our gift cards, available for effortless and thoughtful presents. Elevate your gifting experience and explore a world of refined wellness with our non-standard packages and promotions.

Gift Cards

A genuine way to share the benefits of our services with those you care about. Our gift cards are an invitation to well-being. Choose the specific service you'd like to gift. All sessions are also available online via video call. Download the unique digital gift card with no obligation to pay, allowing your loved one to enjoy a complimentary consultation at their own pace—a chance to explore our services and discover if it resonates with their needs, free of charge*. Should they wish to proceed, scheduling a session is straightforward. The giver, at this point, uses a secure payment link for the session, completing the process. It's a simple, no-pressure way to introduce someone to our comprehensive counselling services. As a special touch, when gifted, these sessions come at a reduced price, ensuring an opportunity for the recipient to indulge in self-care at an exclusive rate.

*Please note, the holder of the gift card is entitled to a complimentary consultation only, and a full counseling session is subject to payment.

Select Your Gift

Choose the specific counselling service you'd like to gift to your loved one and fill in the form.

Step 1

Download Digital Gift Card

You will receive an email with a digital gift card and all the necessary booking information to schedule a free consultation with no obligation to pay.

Step 2

Schedule a Free Consultation

Let your loved ones explore our services, discovering if it resonates with their needs, free of charge.

Step 3

Book a Session

Should they wish to proceed, booking a session is straightforward and done at their convenience.

Step 4

Use the Secure Payment Link

At this point, use the secure payment link from the initial email to finalize payment before the scheduled session, completing the process.

Step 5

The Complete Package

Encompassing every facet of the client's well-being, this package comprises four sessions. The initial two sessions prioritize physical health, while the subsequent two delve into thoughts and emotions. Ongoing support is provided through Continuous Care, offering additional guidance and adjustments during follow-up calls and chats.

Rapid Transformational Therapy®️

Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind, where memories, emotions, and beliefs are stored. RTT®️ is a form of therapy developed by Marisa Peer, seamlessly integrating the most effective aspects of psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis, and neuroscience.

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Individual Counselling Sessions

A safe and non-judgmental environment for exploring one's thoughts and behaviors. Collaboratively, we will formulate strategies to address life's challenges, including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or career difficulties. Our services encompass education, guidance, and skills to adeptly navigate various obstacles.

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Get your Gift Card

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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